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Drama and Theatre Studies

Course requirements 

English Language C equivalent and Drama C.

Course description 

The department teaches the Edexcel specification.

Why choose AS and A Level Drama and Theatre?

Creative and exciting - The curriculum is designed to ignite and engage students’ creativity, passion and interests. It includes opportunities to: create drama performances as an actor or designer, study exciting texts and learn about significant theatre practitioners. 

Skills for the future - This course will create independent students, critical thinkers and effective decision-makers – all personal attributes that can help them stand out as they progress through their education and into employment.

Expert teaching - Our Drama department have been closely involved in developing the new A-level and have provided training for other Drama teachers at national level. They are experienced and skilled at delivering an A-level which is both practically and academically challenging.

Overview of AS and A-Level: four units

Practitioners in Practice

• Students will create their own devised performance influenced by the work of others. This must include:

– The study of two centre chosen practitioners;

– The study/exploration of an extract from a relevant supporting text (chosen by the centre)

• accompanying research report and portfolio with evidence of the process and decisions made whilst creating and developing their performance.

Exploring and Performing Texts

• Students will produce a performance based on a text chosen by the centre, which will assess their chosen theatrical skill (performance or design)

• Students will be required to produce an accompanying concept document which outlines their intentions for the performance.

Analysing Characters

• Performance to demonstrate their chosen theatrical skill(performance or design) -Concept document outlining intentions for the performance.

• Exam: Section A: Students answer questions on one of the following: – Heroes and Villains – Family Dynamics – Conflict

• In section B students will analyse and evaluate a live theatre production they have seen.

Deconstructing Texts for Performance

• This component requires students to study one set text in detail

• The paper will contain questions about directorial decisions for the text and assesses students’ knowledge and understanding of how Drama and Theatre is created and developed for performance.


Studying Drama and Theatre Studies at A Level will give you an opportunity to attend Drama college or university with possible careers in Acting, Television, Film, Teaching, the Media, Backstage, Technical Set Up, Set Design, the Police Force or Business in which high levels of communication skills will be required. More and more employers are looking for Drama on CVs as it builds confidence, social, communication and team building skills.