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Further Mathematics

Course requirements 

Mathematics Grade A, Level 8 or equivalent.

Course description 

A Level Further Mathematics is for those students with a real passion for the subject and is designed to broaden and deepen the mathematical knowledge and skills when studying A Level Mathematics. It is taught alongside the main A Level, with the students being mixed in for the main Mathematics and then taught the further maths as a separate group. It is an extension to the A Level including a more detailed approach, with more proofs and covering a wider range of applications. 

50% of the content is prescribed further pure content but will then have the option of choosing between Statistics, Mechanics or Discrete Mathematics.


Units will be assessed with exams at the end of the two years.


Further Mathematics is a real advantage for students who wish to study Maths, Science or Engineering at university. It combines well with Science and Physics based courses, and can lead to careers in Statistics, Medical Sciences, Management and Actuarial Science among many others where logical, organised thinking is required.