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Course requirements 

Geography C at GCSE, it is desirable that you also have Mathematics C and English C at GCSE equivalents.

Course description 

In A-Level Geography we follow the AQA specification; you will learn up-to-the minute contemporary and relevant issues which impact us locally and globally. The course is split into Physical and Human Geography; in addition there is a Geographical Investigation element which will involve first-hand data collection in the field. Students are expected to pick up on recent events through the media and use this to support their understanding of Geography.

Physical Geography topics of study will include; the water and carbon cycles, glacial systems and landscapes and hazards. In Human Geography the themes we cover across the course are; contemporary urban environments, changing places and global systems and governance.

In Y12 we run a trip to North Yorkshire in the summer term which allows students to gain knowledge and understanding of how to undertake fieldwork necessary to complete an individual Geographical Investigation report. In Yr13 students will have the opportunity to devise their own fieldwork and undertake an investigation in their own time to complete the requirements of the course.


In the A-Level there are two written exam papers, one covering Physical Geography and the other examining Human Geography. Each paper is worth 40% of the A-Level. Additionally there will be a non-exam assessment of the Geographical Investigation which will be 20% of the qualification. This report will be between 3000-4000 words and the title of the investigation will be chosen by the individual student. 


Geography combines very well with a wide variety of subjects from both arts and sciences. The skills of research, processing information and the upto-date knowledge of the world are all highly prized by universities and employers, whatever the course or job being considered. Geography may also be highly valued for careers in the Diplomatic Service, many types of Surveying and Planning, the Armed Forces as well as the Travel, Transport and Tourism industries.