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Course requirements 

Core Science, Additional Science, Further Additional Science BB or Physics B plus Maths C and English Language C equivalents.

Course description 

In A Level Physics you have chosen a challenging and rewarding area of study.

Physics attempts to answer the most fundamental of scientific questions and describes the universe in ways that can be most surprising. How did the universe start? How will it end? What is a black hole? Is time travel possible?

Did you know that you age more slowly, get heavier and get more stretched, the faster you travel? If you have an enquiring mind and are always asking why things happen then Physics is the subject for you.

AS Components

1. Measurements and their errors

2. Particles and radiation

3. Waves

4. Mechanics and materials

5. Electricity

A2 Components

6. Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics

7. Fields and their consequences

8. Nuclear Physics

With the optional units of either Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering Physics, Turning Points in Physics or Electronics.

  • Paper 1: 2 hours – 34% of A Level
  • Paper 2: 2 hours – 34% of A Level
  • Paper 3: 2 hours – 32% of A Level
  • A separate “endorsement of Practical Skills” reported alongside A Level grade.

A high quality academic qualification leading to a wide range of degree level courses including Medicine, Engineering, Physics etc.