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Developing Literacy & Reading

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Be the Best You Can Be!

At AAN, we are committed to not only ensuring that the literacy of each of our students is ‘the best it can be’ but that literacy is fun!  We have a literacy promise to students from each department.  This can be viewed in reception and reflects the high standards of literacy that we will promote across the curriculum. We have a Marking Policy to ensure consistency throughout the Academy, with an emphasis on accurate punctuation and grammar. We have a strong group of Literacy Ambassadors who work with the English Faculty Head and Literacy Co-ordinator to ensure that standards are consistently being raised across all subject areas.  Our Intervention Programme is carefully implemented to ensure that students across all abilities are supported to gain the literacy skills they need to access the curriculum and be prepared for the world outside our Academy. 

All staff promote Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening throughout the year with a specific focus each term.

Autumn:  Reading

Our students are encouraged to read for pleasure and the English department monitor reading through tracking sheets in Student Planners. All Year 7 and Year 8 students are set reading for homework and structured library lessons are a big part of our English provision.  Students in Year 7 have a class novel which is additional to exam texts to encourage reading for pleasure. We encourage conversations between students and staff about reading and silent reading takes place in form time and assemblies.

Spring:  Speaking and Listening

All our teachers recognise the power of the spoken word and plan activities that develop speaking and listening skills as well as integrating it with reading and writing. Our Drama department supports the English curriculum by delivering lessons that connect to the English units of work. We participate in the Poetry by Heart competition and a significant number of students are involved in the BBC Schools News Report.

Summer:  Writing

All departments have a genuine commitment to developing the craft of writing and work throughout the years to embed key terminology in writing and develop the written technique that is now required for terminal exams.  Our students are taught the skills of redrafting work in the light of feedback given through peer and self -evaluation and teacher assessment.  Our Year 7 students are encouraged to participate in the BBC 500 word competition and we have a literacy Olympiad and Spelling Bee to encourage creative writing.  Teachers from all subjects take advantage of the Show My Homework spelling function to encourage the learning of key spellings and definitions.

We run trips to see authors wherever possible and have a Creative Writing Club which is supported by students from the University of East Anglia.  Our Library is well populated at lunchtimes and offers a range of activities to boost literacy in a fun way.

We are pleased to say that our Literacy Intervention Policy meant that “disadvantaged” students made ever better progress in English in the 2015 results than “non-disadvantaged” with both groups well in excess of national averages.