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Year 12 Perform Norwich Playhouse

Our Year 12 Drama students had the wonderful opportunity of performing on a professional stage, at The Norwich Playhouse, where they wowed the audience with their devised theatre piece about the plight of refugees. This performance provided a fantastic rehearsal for the final assessed examination performance which took place a few weeks later to an invited audience in Attleborough Academy’s Drama Studio. This devised piece of work is a central part of the A Level programme of study. In the first terms of the course, the students worked hard under the tuition of Ms Jones, and Mrs McConnell, carrying out wide research on the issue and exploring ways to communicate their ideas using techniques from Drama technicians Stanislavski and Frantic Assembly.

The AAN Drama students gave an incredibly moving and highly engaging performances to the Norwich Playhouse audience, many of whom spoke afterwards about how they had really communicated the complexities of the refugee situation and highlighted some of the prejudices arising out of ignorance of the realities of this acute problem.