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Student Rewards

Rewarding and acknowledging our students is an important focus at AAN. It is essential that their hard work and efforts are recognised and rewarded throughout the Academy. There is a constant expectation that all students will be praised and rewarded and that developing the whole child is given high priority.

Rewards are given in a number of ways:


The most constant rewards system is PRIDE. Points are given to students for the following:

P = Participation

Given to the student who:

  • shows a very high level of engagement
  • exhibits very good cooperation/ teamwork skills in a lesson

R =  Respect  

Given to the student who:

  • shows a very high of care for others
  • goes beyond what is expected to help others

I = Independence  

Given to the student who:

  • shows a high level of independence in their work
  • goes above and beyond expectations e.g. conducting extra research etc.

D = Determination

Given to the student who:

  • shows excellent effort
  • shows resilience, grit especially when dealing with initial failure

E = Excellence

Given to the student who:

  • shows a very high level of achievement

This system is designed to promote a ‘positive growth mindset’ in all of the Academy’s students.

Additional Rewards

There are individual prizes given for the highest amount of each PRIDE point in each year group. Trophies are given at the Annual Presentation Evening. Photographs of the winners are displayed in the Academy.

There is a particular emphasis on the ‘D’ (Determination) PRIDE point. Rewards (of a gift token) are given to the student with the highest D marks in each House during the weekly House Assembly.

Progress Leagues are published and displayed on a termly basis. This is to show how much progress each individual student has made. Each student is measured against their own previous levels so that no student, regardless of academic ability, is disadvantaged. At the end of the academic year, the student with the most individual progress in each year group will be invited to the Academy’s Annual Presentation Evening and awarded the Progress Cup.

PRIDE Leagues are run in the same way as above.

Gold Book rewards are given to students in Year 10 and 11. On a daily basis, a senior teacher visits those lessons and the class teacher rewards two students with a Gold Book nomination, usually given for determination. The top two students (male and female) are rewarded with free Prom tickets.

Principal Commendations are awarded for the highest quality work or achievement from the students. All Academy staff are invited to nominate students. As well as receiving a certificate and a letter for their parents/carers from the Principal, students are presented with an AAN badge.

Subject badges are awarded on a termly basis for academic achievement. There are two per year group awarded.

Subjects can also nominate students for half termly achievement for which certificates are given.

There is a commendation certificate published on the VLE where any member of staff can award certificates to students for any type of achievement. There is also a certificate for ‘Random Acts of Kindness’.

‘AAN is Proud of You’ postcards are also sent home. They are available for House Leaders or Subject Leaders and are also awarded for success in Progress Leagues.

There is a ‘Prefect of the Week’ accolade which is nominated by members of staff and as well as a certificate being presented, a letter of congratulations is also sent home.

Year 11 students have a Passport to Success scheme which is run in the build up to the GCSE examinations. This rewards attendance at all intervention and revision sessions by giving prizes.

Students are rewarded for positive Attitude to Learning (ATL) marks. All of these prizes are educational e.g. stationery, book tokens etc.

Students are awarded for good attendance at the Academy. A certificate is given on a termly basis for 100% attendance. Badges are presented to those students who have perfect attendance for a whole academic year.

The tutor group with the highest attendance are given the Top Dog Award. They are given the Academy Top Dog to take care of for one week.

Displays of high quality student work are maintained around the Academy. This is to acknowledge students and reward them for their effort by public displays of their work.

There is an Annual Presentation Evening to acknowledge the success and achievement of the students in the previous year. Individual subject awards, exam certificates and PRIDE and PROGRESS trophies are rewarded. Parents and families are invited to attend to celebrate the achievements of their child.

There is a similar Sixth Form Presentation Evening which is also held annually.